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Products: Nonex™/Nxburst™ Cartridges - 60mm

60mm Nonex™/Nxburst™ Cartridges


Can be used for mass excavations, hard-rock trenching, large oversize foundations excavation and other sensitive civil rock breaking applications.

Requires a 64 – 76mm diameter hole which can be drilled with a hydraulic or pneumatic drill rig.

Available in 200 to 500 gram charge weights.

These cartridges are classified as “UN 0432, Articles Pyrotechnic for technical purposes, Class 1.4S” as well as “UN 0323, Cartridges, Power Device, Class 1.4S” and have been authorised for use worldwide, where they are widely used for civil excavation and mining applications.

Products: Nonex™/Nxburst™ Cartridges


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