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Products: Nonex™/Nxburst™ Cartridges - 90mm

90mm Nonex™/Nxburst™ Cartridges


Our 90mm range is available in 3 sizes:

200090 (2kg)

300090 (3kg)

400090 (4kg)


These cartridges are ONLY available in Southern Africa

The purpose/application is the following:

  1. Mass Rock Removal
  2. Quarrying
  3. Mining in sensitive areas

Cartridge Options:


The Nonex™ and Nxburst™ cartridges are available in 4 different configurations:

See table below:

  1. Electric
  2. Non-Electric
  3. Underwater
  4. Universal

Products: Nonex™/Nxburst™ Cartridges


Product Range (Defined by diameter in millimeters)


13mm 28mm 34mm 42mm 60mm 90mm 43mm

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