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About Us


Nxco Mining Technologies (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2001 to develop and commercialize propellant based rock breaking technology for use in mining and civil applications globally. The company has grown from grass roots to become one of the leading developers and a global distributor of chemical rock breaking products worldwide.


Nxco has a licensed production facility based in Pelindaba, Pretoria, which manufactures and assembles the propellant-based cartridges.


The company has two main brands; Nonex and Nxburst, both of which are synonymous as a method of choice for all sensitive rock and concrete breaking applications and recognized throughout the rock breaking world as market leaders.


We are also the agents for the most technically advanced range of self-stemming cartridges marketed under the brand of Fragmentor. Final assembly, testing and packaging is handled by Nxco under a worldwide licensing agreement from the owners and designers of the cartridges.


The company has approximately 12 international distributors, as well as many local contractors that continue to assist in the drive to expand the company’s footprint into various countries and markets throughout the world. Our distributors look after the authorization, importation, training, distribution and marketing of all matters pertaining to Nxco products within their appointed areas.


In Southern Africa, the company carries a full range of rock and concrete breaking products.

These include Nonex, Nxburst, Fragmentor, Nex-Pand Expansion Mortar (Rock Breaking Chemical) and a full range of quarrying products.


The company is dedicated to providing high quality, cost efficient products that can be transported, stored and applied in a safe and cost efficient manner.


Our R&D department and associations ensure that we are constantly keeping abreast with new trends and market demands and always have market leading products available for rock and concrete removal applications.


Our Objectives


The market is currently in a learning curve for rock breaking technology and is set to grow exponentially when more people realise that breaking rock and concrete is possible in a safe and cost efficient way.


Some of the main reasons for the technology not being used are:

  • lack of knowledge;
  • lack of experience; and
  • these products not being specified by consulting engineers.


The company’s aim is to ensure that:


  • Consulting engineers specify contract methodologies correctly for sensitive rock and concrete breaking; and
  • There are sufficient well trained and experienced contractors who can apply this technology; and
  • Safety procedures and standards are maintained at all times.


Intellectual Property


Nxco has developed and lodged a number of cartridge patents and designs, the most commercial of which is the Nonex™ rock breaking cartridge. Several of Nxco’s patents have been registered internationally, providing intellectual property protection for Nxco’s products in all of its major markets.


Nxco has registered the Nonex™ trademark in all of its major markets.


More recently, Nxco has registered the name Nxburst™ as an additional brand in order to ensure that monitoring of its distributor territories is made easier.


Our Team

Gert Barnard - Operations, R&D, Training and Safety


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Annelien Kruger - Finance & Administration


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Shaun Stearn - Production and Quality Control


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Ansa Müller – Export Sales and Marketing


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Magdel Gouws – Local Sales and Marketing


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Building P5200, Gate 1, NECSA Industrial Park, Pelindaba, Broederstroom, 0240, South Africa

Telephone (RSA): +27(0)10 442 1773


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